Boot Camp For Property Managers Training

June 30, 2020
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Register early  June 30th - Virtual Training  -“Boot Camp For Property Managers”


             So you think you're ready for property management? Well we'll see about that! It's a jungle out there. Landmines are laid everywhere. Your next move could be your last. Without the proper training, you don't stand a chance.

Where you are a new manager, assistant manager, or veteran manager who desires to hone your knowledge of the laws effecting residential landlords, this course is a must.

Topics for this training will   include:


-                     Tenant Screening

-                     Understanding your Lease and other Legal Mumbo Jumbo

-                     Discrimination and Fair Housing

-                     The do's and don't of accepting deposits

-                     Effective Dispute Resolution

-                     Evictions 101

-                     How to deal with drugs, criminal activity, and generally  nasty tenants

-                     Inter-tenant Disputes

-                     Mold and other "growing" issues

-                     Smoking and other potentially lethal weapons


Your "drill instructors" for this training will be Attorneys Jeffrey C. Turk and Therese Quijano of Turk & Quijano, LLP. Both Attorneys have extensive experience in the representation of market and subsidized landlords and have taught extensively on the subject.



$45.00 Member

$55.00 Non Member

$45.00 AMO Company Employee

$105.00 (3) or more from the same company discounted rate $35 each

$135.00 (3) or more from the same company discounted rate $45 each